Which Type Of Garage Door Is Best For You?

Choosing a new garage door to replace one which has become damaged or rusty requires some careful thought. There are several different types of garage door, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Read this helpful guide in order to decide which garage door is going to be the most suitable one for you.

Automatic v Manual

The first choice you need to make is whether to install an automatic or manual door. Both types of doors are fitted with sophisticated locking systems in order to make it very difficult for anyone to break inside.

Automatic doors are preferable in terms of their convenience. You don’t have to exit the car in order to open or close the garage, which is convenient if you are in a hurry. Automatic doors are preferable for people who have muscular problems or back pain.

Manual doors may take more time to open than automatic doors, but they are not prone to the technical malfunctions which can sometimes cause automatic doors to stop working. If an automatic door has a problem with the motor, the door may become jammed and the motor will have to be fixed.

Roller Door

Roller doors stay fixed in place and do not swing out when they are opened. This type of garage door is useful for people who don’t have much space between their car and the garage when the vehicle is sitting in the driveway. Roller doors are extremely safe because there is no danger of anyone being hit by the door swinging outwards. If you find yourself asking what are the best roller garage doors online? you should research several providers on the internet before making your final decision.

Sectional Garage Door

As the name implies, the sectional garage door is divided into different panels which fold as the door is being opened. The door does not swing outwards, which means that it will not accidentally catch you when you are opening it.


The main advantage of sectional garage doors over other models is that they can be pushed higher. This is especially useful if you have a tall car such as a Land Rover. Sectional doors can be easily converted to an automatic model from a manual.

Side-Hinged Garage Door

The side-hinged garage door is useful for people who have space on their driveways because the doors swing outwards. These doors allow you to have quick access to the garage in order to get to bikes or machinery which is inside.

Round The Corner Doors

Round-the-corner garage doors are useful for people who have limited space on their driveways. If the garage has a low ceiling, you might consider round-the-corner doors in order to save some headroom.

Use this guide in order to decide which garage door is most suitable for you.

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