Where Should You Use Bi-fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors have some distinct advantages over other types of doors because of how they fold. Instead of opening straight out into a room or sliding, these doors fold in the centre, and some even fold multiple times. By folding in on itself in a zigzag pattern, a bi-fold door takes up much less space than a traditional door while allowing for a larger opening. When compared to sliding doors, bi-fold doors allow you to completely open up the area instead of always having one side closed, which can make a huge difference in some spaces.

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If you’re considering bi-fold doors, here are some of the rooms you can use them in to save space or to give an area a completely different look.

The Bedroom

If you’ve seen bi-fold doors anywhere, it has probably been in the bedroom. They are often used for closets because they don’t need as much space to open as standard doors do. Unlike sliding doors, you can view your entire closet at once with bi-fold doors, especially helpful for smaller bedrooms where leaving clearance for a regular door may mean you cannot fit a piece of furniture in the bedroom.

The Kitchen

Likewise, bi-fold doors work very well for a pantry. In fact, you don’t necessarily need two bi-fold doors. While some closets do have one on either side that meets in the middle, you can use a single bi-fold door for a smaller storage area such as those often found in kitchens. In small homes or flats, stacked washer and dryer units can hide behind a kitchen bi-fold door. Want to know where to buy a bifold door? You can find a great company to install doors in your home online.


The Living Room

If you have a pool or a gorgeous backyard, you may often wish you could simply open up the wall and let your living room flow out into that space. With a bi-fold door, you can. These doors can be used to create a large-sized opening without the need of a roll-up door or two very large swing-out doors. The bi-fold door simply folds back on itself several times, opening up your home. When it’s closed, you have a gorgeous set of windows that let in natural lighting while keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

You can also use bi-fold doors to divide a space in your home. For example, if your living room has a small study or home office off to one side, you could install bi-fold doors in between the two spaces to close off the study when you need to work undisturbed. When you want to make use of the entire space, though, all you have to do is open up the bi-fold doors. The space is more open than it would be if you used something such as French doors, yet you can still have privacy when you need it.

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