Latest Technology Means Efficient Pool Heating

Even a pool that has been meticulously designed and carefully installed must have consistent, comfortable water temperature to make it the outstanding investment you believe it should be. If you work with the best specialist in pool design and construction, and have a pool and lounging area that you are proud to show, you are almost there.

Using the finest in pool equipment, including pumps, filters, and heaters, will ensure that your family members and friends will always be able to have fun on your property and be comfortable doing it. Of course, one of the key elements in pool maintenance is the efficient pool-heating systems you use. When you want to maintain control over water temperature during the changing, often extreme, Australian seasons, you would be wise to choose the best.

Residential, Commercial?

When you are shopping for pool heaters in Brisbane, you can work with someone close to home and get the finest in pool heating for home installations or commercial sites. To help you prepare for your discussion with a representative, here are some highlights within the heater segment. Start with a 5kw to 26kw range for smaller domestic pools.

Move to the next level with 10kw to 26kw for domestic and/or commercial installations. If you are operating a commercial swimming pool site, you should move to the 38kw to 200kw range. These top-shelf heaters will keep your water temperature in the comfortable range even as the temperature of the surrounding air changes.

Not only will these fine heating systems provide the comfortable swimming and lounging conditions, they will be around for a long time. Specially designed frost protection and a powder-coated cabinet of galvanised steel will give you long-term service.

New, New!

With the new technology, based on intelligent engineering and experience, these new heating systems use less power, making them much more cost-efficient. Condensers are much less likely to develop frost and the design helps your pool system perform even in the cool weather.

Latest Technology Means Efficient Pool Heating

Evidence shows that the newest heat-pump designs deliver six times the efficiency of other models. The bottom line is that these systems are amazingly economical. Pool owners may save $1,000 or more each year. When compared to older types of heating systems, some pools operate so efficiently that owners save $2,000 or more!

Owners and managers of larger, commercial pools may be able to save much more when making the move from traditional gas or electric heating systems to this new design. Some pool managers may cut their utility expense in half, saving $30,000 or $40,000 each year.

There are three main categories to select from, depending on the size and use of your pool. Many of the top suppliers of quality pool equipment are available close to home. If there is some distance between you and the expert you would like to do business with, get in touch. They deliver to the world. It may be the wisest decision you can make about your pool and keeping it at just the right temperature.


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