How to Revamp a Dull Room

Every room reaches a point where the occupants no longer derive pleasure from looking at the jaded d├ęcor, and when the time finally comes to do something about it, you need to consider a few things before launching into the work. Here are some important points to help make the project a success, and with a little creativity and planning, your new living space will be everything you imagined, and more.

Take Stock of What you Have

Essentially, you need to look at the room dimensions, and create a floor plan. Then look at fittings, such as curtains or blinds, and also furniture. Imagine a bare room, and ask yourself – What image am I trying to create? If possible, physically remove everything from the room, and let your imagination go to work. The bare walls will look quite different without the furniture to break things up, and you could always use decorative wall panels to really give the room a base foundation.

Composite wall panelling

A timber-grained look would be ideal for a contemporary setting, or you might like to go for stone. 3D profile wall panels are made from composite materials and are very easy to install, typically the sheets will be 1800mm x 600mm, and are around 12mm in thickness. One sheet would weigh around 15kg, which is very workable, and with a power saw able to easily cut the sheets, a perfect fit is guaranteed. The sheets are fixed using heavy duty adhesive, and it really is a case of fix and forget with this innovative material.

Manipulated Colour

The process of making composite wall panels allows for each sheet to be a unique creation, and with that much control, you can stamp your mark on the room. The shades available cover the entire spectrum of light that we are able to see, and with a range of textures, styles, and finishes, it is a cost-effective way to decorate a room to your taste.


The Floor

A focal point of any room, the floor would very much dictate the main colour scheme, and if the floor was concrete, a similar wall covering would really give the room a new dimension, and with the right blinds, furniture, and lighting, the room would take on a new appearance. Stone pavers are timeless, and if the budget stretches that far, you could add the right wall panelling to complete the look.


A major component of the ambience, the right lighting is essential. Natural lighting should be adequate for the daytime, but if not, LED solutions can provide the ideal amount of either general or task lighting, and they use much less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Changing the furniture and the lighting is often enough to remove that tired look, and with a good spring clean, you virtually have a new room.

The walls are an integral part of interior design, and with modern solutions, a range of exciting finishes are now available, so if you are thinking about a revamp at home, modern wall panelling is perhaps the answer.

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