Check out for these signs of termites

Have you begun seeing clumps of dust under your bed or on the side of your doors? Have you started fearing termite attack in your home? If yes, then you need to be sure of the same before you launch a counter-attack on them. The signs of termites are quite simple to check and can be usually found with quick observation around the place. It is said that people in the United States spend almost 5 billion USD for termite damages on annual basis. If you don’t want to join their league, then get the tips on your hand to keep a tab on the signs of termites inside your place.

Termite shelter tubes

The termites are known to originate inside various ground crossing barriers, like the metal caps, foundation etc. These tubes give a dark place for the termites to survive far from the reach of predators. The humid condition inside these pipes are best for their growth and he activities usually happen at night. If you have any such tubes that can exist in your home, attack them right away and address the issue of termites in them. Such tubes can also be present inside wooden items.

Blowholes of trees

The tree roots and trunks have been observed to be the favorite hideouts of the termites as the colonies start to form there. If a tree trunk ever sounds hollow, or grows weaker, then there are chances that this is one of the signs of termites. The termites must have eaten the tree trunk from within and the trunk would give hollow sounds if struck with something.

Earthen packs

When the termites are at work, they produce wood dust and it starts getting packed at the bottom of the article. Such earthen packs are some of the best signs of termites. The foundation of such articles along with their joints suffer a lot and the earthen dust simply is an indication that the termites have infested your articles.

Noise from the articles

The termites produce sound when they excavate the wooden articles. This is done by termites by striking their head against the wood when they are inside the article. This sound is supposed to signal the other termites, but it also leads to noise which is one of the vital signs of termites. The hollowing can be a narrow tube to complete gallery depending on the variety of the termite.

Discarded wings

If you ever find discarded wings near the wooden articles, get alert! The termites, in their reproductive season, begin to swarm and take flight. Once dead, the wings lie discarded on the floor and these give signals of an entire colony feeding on the wooden pieces in your home. This is the time to call the pest control service to your home.

A pest control service can eliminate the entire colony of termites from your home and it is required of you to call them the moment you fear termite attack on your home. Flushing the termites out can save your other wooden articles too and therefore, pest control service is must for your home.

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