Changing Locks to Stay Safe When Moving Home

A family or individual who has recently moved into a new home is a target to be burgled. The thought of people having duplicate keys to your property doesn’t often cross your mind during the stress and complications that many house moves create, but by changing the locks you can add an extra element of home security and gain some peace of mind in the process.

 Why Change the Locks?

 Of course, it is unlikely that the previous tenants to your property will have kept a set of keys, but it does happen. Throw into the mix workmen who may have required access over the years and friends and family members who have visited and there could be a large number of unknown people with access to your new home. So many of us lend a set of keys to our home to other family members and close friends. Some to check in on the property when we’re on holiday, or to wait in for a delivery on our behalf. Sometimes friends can come and stay with us for a short period of time. There are plenty of reasons a set of house keys can be given out, but quite often it will be new sets of keys that are cut and when entering a new home you cannot be sure whether you have the sole set of keys, or whether there are 2 or 3 more keys floating around with people you are never likely to meet.


 It isn’t only for home security reasons that you should consider changing your locks, but insurance also. How many of us have mislaid our keys over the years? Many people lose their keys outright and as a cheaper alternative to changing the locks, they just get another key cut. When moving into a new home, changing the locks guarantees that no one outside of your immediate family has a key; it also ensures that should you still be burgled your insurance is tight. Some insurance companies won’t pay out if you have not changed the locks when moving into a newly bought property.

 Upgrade Security

 Another reason to change the locks is to ensure you have keys to all windows and doors around the property as when moving into a new home you can often find a lock without a key, or vice versa, confusing little riddles with no answer to them. By upgrading your security products and changing locks you can fit deadlocks on all doors and add window locks with their own keys, for added peace of mind.


 Changing the locks when completing the purchase of a house and moving into your new home is just one important security aspect to consider. There are of course other options for home security, and measures can be taken including CCTV systems, smart home alarms, motion sensor security lighting and intercom systems so you know exactly who is at your front door. Choose wisely, but there is always help and advice from expert home security specialists who can guide you down the correct route for your home, budget and security concerns.

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