Aluminium Gates You Can Depend on

When people discuss “gates” today, they may be talking about several different types of gate, depending on the intended use. Residential gates, for example, are definitely not what your father or grandfather may have in mind.

In the past, you may have had a wrought-iron or wooden gate, carefully made to provide a nice appearance, as well as to give the separation and security that any type of gate would. Appearances have changed through the years, to the point that items such as larger driveway gates can be completely mechanised and operated from a distance.

But First, Pedestrian Gates

The leading suppliers of aluminium gates in Perth offer pedestrian gates for access to a residential yard or a small-business property. These companies use only the best materials and get their products from the top suppliers, to ensure that the gate you purchase will give consistent service and will last. Welded gate frames allow frequent use without minor problems that may come with systems that are held together by screws and other hardware.

Property owners have options such as auto-release mechanisms and other accessories, which add yet another dimension to the convenience and efficiency of quality gates. These products are manufactured to the highest standards, with almost all gates in compliance with the council that oversees swimming pools and other public access areas. (It is always wise to talk with a representative about the applicable regulations and laws.)

Now, about those motorised driveway gates. These top providers of quality gates use the finest, most-reliable systems for their gates. Services include having a manual gate motorised at a later date, though there may be a few alterations necessary to complete that process. At time of purchase, it is important to let the company know that you may want to later motorise.

Almost Any Situation

Quality motorised systems are available for almost any situation. But it is important to select the correct system, based on planned use, wind load, and so on. You also have the option for safety sensors and keypad entry with these state-of-the-art gates. Don’t worry if you are concerned about having the gate placed properly. Suppliers have expert tradesmen on staff who can quickly and efficiently install your gate, with little or no interruption to your home or family.


You also have several options in design, and may choose to have a system that allows you to open your driveway or pedestrian gate from inside the home. These controller systems can also include video intercom for safety and convenience. When the system is installed you will have a master station with a camera that allows you to zoom, pan, and tilt for better vision. Systems can also have a door station at the point of entry. An access keypad is also available.

All components and materials are of the highest quality and use the latest in weatherproofing technology for longevity. The controller systems come with a three-year warranty. If you have need of a pedestrian gate, a driveway gate, or both, you would be wise to get in touch with the experts in the industry

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